Debian Community Conference 2008 (DCC-IT 08) a Bracciano – Roma

Domani 13 e domenica 14 sarò a Bracciano (Roma) alla quarta conferenza della comunità Debian italiana organizzata da Sabazia Lug, Debianizzati e TorLug. Il programma, ancora non definitivo, è visibile qui.

Tutti gli altri dettagli dell’evento sono visibili sulla pagina,

Qui la mappa Google: Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

Info Antonio Doldo - - - Linux user & Android fan

4 Responses to Debian Community Conference 2008 (DCC-IT 08) a Bracciano – Roma

  1. hoh scrive:

    viva l’italia!
    403,277 pagine viste!
    mamma mia!
    tante belle cose!

  2. Antonio Doldo scrive:

    adesso sono 403.310, sai i numeri sono un grande mistero:
    la gente si divide in 10 tipi differenti: chi capisce il codice binario e chi no😀
    comunque viva l’Italia, viva la Francia, viva la Spagna e anche il SudAfrica😉

  3. hoh scrive:

    the stats page is a mystery
    [sorry i struggle with italian]
    i’m trying to find someone who understands how they work
    i think the clustermap is more accurate of individuls that visit our blogs
    what i’ve noticed is that every time i linger over any of yr posts it clocks up a hit. so i could have one person looking at everything and it clocks up everytime they pass over anything
    i will let you know when i get more informazioni!
    pls don’t feel you need to post this as it’s in english
    you can get it translated – sorry i’m not going to do it for you as i don’t think this content is of any value to yr readers!
    google have a very bad translator which could be quite funny for your readers!
    my italian isn’t good enough to understand what your talking about – sorry
    it’s italian and french both are written differently to how it’s spoken
    i’m OK if it’s the spoken veritety!

  4. Antonio Doldo scrive:

    Sorry for my english!
    I think that the number is relative to visits/pages and not to the visitors, but is important if the visitor read the post and also how time remain on the site/blog.
    Mi personal idea is that these numbers are relatively significant, and only the quality or words or comments is very satisfactory. As in the real life. Millions people speak, but only few words are important for you😉
    Thanks for contribute, for your time.

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